A Little Lost

I am totally new to this sort of thing- having to figure it out for myself while computer savvy Mr Lid is at work.. even if work for him the last few days has been in the next room!

He has left me to my own devices. Big mistake. I am all about food- making it, eating it, thinking about it- writing about it is weird, so much to say.

I am not one for measuring or following recipes- I have lots of cook books- never counted them (must do this! I will make a point of it over the weekend) But I have never read them from cover to cover. I have drooled over every picture, read the ingredients, and tried to make it taste like I think it would if it was a scratch and lick photo, this I think is the most important thing about cooking- making it to what you think tastes good- not what someone else tells you tastes good?! Who are they to tell you what is spicy enough? Or salty enough? I think recipes are more like guide lines or suggestions. I say all this but there is one exception- baking.. baking is a science- follow the recipe, at least once, after that change it, substitute this for that- google is a chefs best friend, that and dogs, or cats if you prefer.


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