The Unbakery

Love it, Love it, Love it, and not in a oh this is so trendy and I feel so well to do being here way, but in a I feel healthier and would like to learn more kind of way- a cafe that makes you want to better yourself or at least try different things and google a couple of recipes…

Little Bird Organics have opened an Unbakery, it is in Kingsland, but not the fancy end with all the pretty people but the unexpected end towards town- across from the petrol station. Its small and not that kid friendly if en-mass but as a treat for one little one it would be great, there is a big window where you can peek through to the ‘kitchen’ (weirdest kitchen I have ever seen- no ovens, no gas cookers)

We both had a Kokako cold brew coffee with nut milk- I loved the way it came on a cute small tray and it tasted good- like coffee but not heavy- it was refreshing and I could have had another one.

Mr Lid went for the obvious choice of ‘Espresso cheesecake’ no cheese to be seen, it was from what I could taste made of coconut oil which gave it a creamy and cold texture-  very indulgent without being too heavy and weighing you down with dairy. I was torn between the Raspberry Brownie slice and the Fudge Mint Chocolate slice- the later won, Nutty, slightly minty with a hint of chocolate- I ate it all and could have had another piece or a taste of something different or anything they had on offer to be exact, but alas being couch bound for 12 weeks (11now) eating to excess would not be in my favour!!

There are a small variety of products available which inspire unbaking loads of yummy things- maybe next time. 

Check out LittleBird here…
What is Cold brew coffee?


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