Nothing like an early start to get out on the water before the sun rises- today was amazing- hardly a ripple on the water and enough fish for a meal tonight!!


The beauty of being the only girl on board is that the men tend to look after you… The problem with being the one to catch the most fish is that the men onboard tend to get a tiny bit bitter (haha)
A favourite way to cook fish in my family is the good old egg and flour on the BBQ with lots of butter – drool at just the thought!!
But raw fish as of late has been high up on my ways to eat freshly caught fish, still slightly salty from the sea and nothing at all like store bought fish a couple of days old that is slightly fishy.
The first restaurant I worked in was in Mission Bay – Bluefins, it was a wonderful place to get amazing fresh seafood cooked by a team of chefs who really respected what they did and to this day I remember the ceviche (south American raw fish) it was an entree and part of my section, every day first thing I did was slice the snapper thinly and place it in a bowl of fresh squeezed lemon juice and let it sit, the edges would go opaque I would strain it and serve it with some fine dice of red onion and capsicum (red and yellow so nice and sweet) some fresh soft avocado to add a bit of a creamy texture and slightly nutty flavour and that was it.
That was almost 13 years ago now- Bluefins is no longer there and I doubt you would find such a simple dish in any restaurant without the addition of micro herbs and fancy infused oils.
Another of my all time favourite raw fish dishes is my uncle Jaapie and his raw fish salad… Yum! Nothing says summer like this dish- today may be the second day of winter but when the sun is shining and you are fishing this is the dish that springs to mind.
Raw Fish Salad 
Firm white flesh fish- Trevally
Lemon juice
Spring onion
Coconut cream (kara brand)
Salt and pepper
Skin and debone the fish, cut into dice- not too small
Cover fish with fresh lemon juice and leave covered in the fridge for a few hours or over night- the longer you leave it the more ‘cooked’ it will be
Next cut all the vegetables into small dice, strain the fish, mix through the veg and stir in the coconut cream, salt and pepper and leave for a while to let the flavours mingle with each other.
Easy as that- you can add some red chilli, some coriander, avocado, any island flavours you like

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