House Warming

Two beautiful friends of mine have just moved house- I feel their pain.

Over the years I have moved house over 13 times I can recite all the streets I have lived as most of them I lived in more than once and a couple of times we just moved around the corner, and in nearly all of them in the early years were pink (oh so funny if you knew me now)

My Mum is a master packer, a Virgo, she is the best cleaner I have EVER seen too- she had it down to such a fine art that she could pack a house in a week, once that was done it was up to Dad and the ‘boys’ to move the heavy stuff and try not to break the stuff Mum spent hours wrapping.
When moving day rolled round it wasn’t like Mum would lie in bed as her job was done she would be up early ready to unpack the boxes as they arrived in the new house.

Kids rooms first so the beds could be made so there was somewhere that felt familiar for us kids to sleep, next the Kitchen- to make scones.

I used to think she did this just to feed the masses and show her appreciation to all that helped- but over the last few years I have come to realise my Mum is addicted to scones.

She makes wonderful scones- just cheese best served warm with lashings if butter and grandmas jam, it has taken years for her to realise I too carry the scone gene.
I will admit I use the Edmonds cookbook recipe but change it up a bit…
Basic scone mix
3 cups plain flour
2 level tablespoons baking powder
75g COLD diced butter
I put all this into the food processor and pulse till all the butter is mixed in leaving a consistency of fine breadcrumbs.
Now this mix I make in bulk it’s great if people suddenly pop in for a cuppa or you get a craving and are no where near a cafe… All you need to do is add milk and flavourings and bake- easy! I bake at about 170ish 30 min till they sound hollow when flicked


How much milk – enough so that when you fold to combine no dry flour is left at the bottom of the bowl- if you make it too wet- add some more of the magic mix -too dry add more milk- silly


Today’s flavours…
Savoury Cheese- Edam and some left over pecorino with cayane pepper, red capsicum and spring onion (salt and pepper to taste)
Sweet- mixed berry, almond, lemon zest, sugar and cinnamon (a pinch if salt to bring out the flavour)



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