Mosaic cafe New Lynn

This place is usually spot on- coffee is hot, service is quick and efficient, and the food is mid priced and generous.

Today not so much- early start to a public holiday breakfast 9:30 with all the family 6 adults 4 kids… We sat in the purpose built kids area which is separate from the main cafe- it is great for the kids to run a muck I will give it that.
Coffee came in dribs and drabs watching while tables that arrived after us receive fluffy’s before us not good… 
Food began to arrive it all looked good but the double portion of bacon for master 8 to replace his egg was one piece of bacon?!? Surely they could have spared two bits of bacon?! 
Mum who is a toastoholic looked happy at her livers piled high on two bits of toast- but after further inspection it was more soggy bread than toast.
Over all it was ok- Mr Lid was happy with his eggs Bennie the hollandaise lemony and homemade filled a gap, but my homemade hash brown tasted like fridge and was soggy.. Maybe I’m too critical.
We will be back as I know there are such things as off days and with no surcharge on public holidays it remains a good place to waddle out of full to the brim- except master 8 who I’m sure will be glad of the space when it comes to party food at his cousins birthday this afternoon.


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