Rotten fruit never tasted so good

Mr Lid did a drop and dash this morning, he took me to my parents house gave me quick kiss took a work call then left for a meeting.

Feeling utterly useless watching my mother partake in her daily ritual of cleaning her house, a vacuum here, a polish there, a dust and a mop- I did do the glass on the coffee table which was a bit of a blast from the past as this was my job when growing up- although I couldn’t do it to the standard required as I am unable to bend and move properly in general, I must find another way to help.

It comes as no surprise that my way to contribute and help my parents while they house me and Mr Lid till I am more able bodied is to cook, today a treat for Dad and something that uses up all the rotting Feijoas sitting in the fruit bowl.

A quick look around I found some pastry in the freezer- Feijoa and apple turnovers with custard. That should keep him happy.

Feijoa and Apple filling
Store bought pastry (I found some low fat puff pastry in mums freezer)
Squeeze the lemon into a bowl of water ready for you to put the peeled fruit into till ready to cook
Peel the fruit and dice into small dice- not too small so it keeps some texture once cooked
Melt a knob of butter add some sugar (just a Table spoon or so depending on the sweetness of the fruit)
Add strained fruit, sultanas and a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla, cook till soft but not mush- remember it will keep cooking!
Tip into sieve to cool down- the mix has to be quite dry so the pastry does not go soggy.
Once mixture is cool spoon onto the pastry (I cut my sheets into 1/4’s that way there is no wastage), dampen the edges with water and press with fork to close.
Just before baking  brush tops with milk and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon
Bake 180 till golden and the bottom is cooked (20min-ish)
4 yolks
500ml milk (if you can help it not trim milk)
1 Tbs corn flour
3-5 Tbs caster sugar
small sprig rosemary (or a dash of vanilla)
I love rosemary and feijoa it is just yum! Try it if you don’t like it I apologise in advanced!
Warm milk and rosemary until it forms a skin.
While it is warming up, whisk the remaining ingredients till creamy and thick.
Remove the rosemary.
Temper the milk (fancy way of saying in three parts) pour the milk onto the egg mix whisking continuously
Return mix from the bowl to the pan and with a wooden spoon on low heat stir till thick (make sure you stir the corners of the pot and  the entire base- not just the middle)
The custard is ready when a line drawn across the back of the spoon holds



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