Waiting, Waiting , Waiting

I am new to this whole slow cooker thing it frightens me a bit- just a bit. The uncertainty, will 6 hours of my life be wasted waiting for something that doesn’t turn out?! I love building flavours in a pan or a pot layering them as you go tasting and adding new dimensions  not slow cookers. Mix it all together, turn it on, wait patiently fingers crossed.

As you know I am at my parents house, while I love the sheer size of their kitchen and the awesome amount of bench space I have come to realise four things…
  • A bigger kitchen means the further I have to hobble trying to carry food and crutches
  • I have no idea what my mum has in her pantry, and if it is there- how long ago did it expire?!
  • My mum has a rather large collection of crap gadgets
  • Its not my kitchen
Those of you who know me know I hate my kitchen, it is small, old, no bench space what so ever, the sink fits one coffee cup and is full, I could go on but my kitchen has four things I miss…
  •  I can pretty much stand in one spot and reach the oven, sink and fridge
  • A large selection of ingredients that are all in date
  • Useful tools I have collected over the years
  • Mr Lid to tidy up after me

Last night we pulled a chicken out of the freezer- today I am going to attempt to recreate one of my mums chicken curry’s-  now don’t get excited she is not exotic and born in Thailand, or Indian she is a home cook born in Wairoa raised in Ngaruawahia by Dutch parents who came out after the war- but that is another story.

     Mums Chicken Curry
Whole chicken cut into pieces- or any chicken on the bone you like (I myself am a breast girl but on the bone just has more moisture and flavour when making a curry) skin removed
Tin of tomatoes
3-4 Tbs Tomato paste
3 Tbs Curry powder
Salt & Pepper


(This is another way to use up vegetables that are almost past their prime, sprouting Kumara, almost soft onions, bendy carrots, shrivelled mushrooms, dry Pumpkin- fresh veg work a treat too infact they are lovely but there is nothing quite as satisfying as making a hearty dinner on a winters eve and cleaning out he fridge at the same time!!)
Throw everything into the crockpot- wait 6 hours.
Serve with rice and fried cabbage a’la oma

Cabbage a’la oma

Thinly slice green cabbage, heat oil in a pan throw in cabbage and sprinkle on some sugar (about 1 Tbs)
Season with salt & pepper and coo quickly!
The sugar helps bring out the natural sweetness of the cabbage, cabbage is lovely when just cooked leaving the thicker bits with a bit of crunch- I love raw cabbage as a snack with salt


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