Almost sick of Feijoas- Almost

The challenge about cooking dinner each night is keeping it interesting, over the last week the challenge about cooking each night has been each night has been a magic box- my own private master chef adventure each night- lucky me

Tonight I have a boned shoulder of lamb and potato pretty boring standard so far.. and yams?!
Ok I can work with that… I’m thinking summery seeing as the sun is shining this lovely crisp winters day.

I am also thinking easy and something I can get ready now and finish later…

Red Yam and potato salad with warm vinaigrette of capers, anchovies and lemon and BBQ Butterfield leg of lamb with green beans followed by a lightly gingered Feijoa golden syrup upside-down sponge.

It has taken me half an hour to prep the salad and make the sponge- time to watch trashy afternoon T.V

Red Yam and Potato Salad
Red Yams
Oil- I used olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Boil the yams whole till just cooked in salted water- I find yams tend to go soft fast so if you pull them off and strain them just before they are done- while they sit and steam they will continue cooking.
Dice and cook the Potatoes same as the yam.
Once both are cooked and strained squeeze half a lemon over them just to give a bit of flavour.
While the yams and potatoes are cooking chop some parsley, some capers, grate a clove of garlic add the zest  and juice of a lemon, add some oil and taste- always taste- if you like capers add more, if it needs lemon add more- do not however add salt! The anchovies will add this dimension later.
Now we wait.. When ready to serve heat some oil in a pan and add 8-10 fillets of anchovies (depends how much you like) and stir to melt, next add the vinagrette with the capers to warm through, toss through yam and potatoes- now season with lots of black pepper and salt if needed.
Mr Lid bought a Butterfield leg of Lamb already flavoured- I don’t usually like this as I think fresh marinades taste better- but good on him for thinking ahead and getting something for dinner! He is a star.
This we will just BBQ  (around 180c) for about 30 min, and rested for 15min wrapped in tinfoil.
Feijoa golden syrup upside-down sponge
100g Butter
100g Caster sugar
2 Eggs (if not at room temperature- put ina bowl of warm water to warm up)
100g Self raising Flour
1tsp Vanilla
1/2tsp Fresh grated ginger
6Tbs Golden syrup
Spray a 8″ tin and smother the bottom with the Golden syrup- don’t be shy. Peel the Feijoas and cut into thick rounds and cover the bottom of the tin.


Cream butter and sugar, add the eggs mixing well between each egg, add the vanilla and ginger, lastly FOLD in the self raising flour – be careful not to over mix.
Spoon over Feijoa’s carefully and bake 180c 30min or till a skewer comes out clean.
Once out let sit for 5min then turn onto a late- CAREFULLY as it will be hot! Do not leave in the pan to cool as it will stick.



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