Credit where credits due

So I have been doing a lot of looking on the internet and at other blogs and I have noticed a tonne of people claiming recipes are their own creation, when you look at the next person who posted a similar looking photo on Pinterest or the next on the google search list- with the same title and read the recipe, its the same, again claiming ‘its just something I came up with’

Give credit where credit is due people!! No one will think any lesser of you, they might even like the fact that they have a tried and tested recipe to use and that if they know you, you can personally guarantee it works.

A change here and a change there, I believe you can claim that as your own, otherwise there would be no new recipes ever, as all we do now is recreate old favourites with a twist.

What I love about cooking is that with a little change here and substitute with something you like better you can ‘create’ dishes that suit your tastes better and you can call it yours.

So I am calling the following recipe mine- but I will give credit inspirational credit to a blog I came across

These are very quick to make, a great way to use up that random can of pulses sitting in the cupboard that have been there forever, they are not a hard cookies but a doughy delicious ball of goodness!

Almond butter, Butter bean cookies

1 Can Butter beans- drained and dried
80g Golden syrup
90g Dark chocolate, chopped into chunks
1 tsp Baking Powder- gluten free
165g Almond butter- although peanut, hazelnut or any other nut butter could be substituted
2 tsp Vanilla essence

Put everything except chocolate into a food processor- I used my Blender. And mix.
Stir in chocolate chunks. Drop spoonful’s onto a lined baking tray.
Bake 175c 15min cool and eat… them all….




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