Stew, but not as you know it.

Today I am making a stew for Mr Lids dinner- tomorrow it shall be reborn into a pie!

Now when I say stew, it is something passed down from my Oma (my Mothers Mother, my Grandma in Dutch) She used to make this and fill the freezer. I loved her freezer- it was AMAZING. an endless source of food all ready to be defrosted and eaten- all of it home made, there were usually two different types of soup (great for when sick grand children were dumped on the doorstep on the way to work) Two different meat dishes, and two desserts- all sitting there, waiting, asking to be eaten.

I am not sure how my Mum learnt this from my Oma. I can not really picture my mother sitting watching my Oma make this- its a stew, it takes hours?! But I do know my mum cheats. There is a shop that sells a packet of seasoning ready to be added to the meat, don’t get me wrong- it still takes hours.

I don’t pay for the spice mix I make it up from my draw of spices- it can be changed to suit your tastes- but before you change it- make it once this way. Its different to a normal stew.

Hachee (said ha-shay)

Cheap cut of meat- I like cross cut blade steak, chuck can be used in fact any meat.



Celery and Carrot (here is where I go crazy- Oma never added these)

2 Bay leaf

1 1/2tsp Mixed spice

1 1/2tsp Ground ginger

1/2tsp Cinnamon

1/2tsp Ground coriander

1/4tsp Nutmeg

Salt &Pepper

Dice the meat, in small batches brown the meat in the butter (set aside)

In the same pan brown the veg in more butter.

Add meat and spices stir to combine- cover with water and cook at a gentle simmer till meat is tender and sauce is reduced- adjust seasoning to taste and thicken sauce with a bit of cornflour, or flour or any starch you like to thicken with.

Today I made this in the pressure cooker- 30min on medium and 20min uncovered to reduce the sauce, I thickened mine with coconut flour.

This is great with rice and cabbage a’la Oma. But tonight I’m going all old school- Creamy mash and peas it is!!



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