Not so boring Fish pie

A fish pie is always just a fish pie- boring and covered in mash- come to think of it, I don’t think my mum has ever made a fish pie, the only fish pies I can think of having eaten are ones I have made, they are great ways of using up old fish, or tins of fish it the pantry. Growing up, fresh fish was never wasted in a pie it was cooked on the BBQ or smoked.

Tonight I thought I would mix it up a bit, I also have to confess that I had to mix it up as I didn’t know what I was making when I was at the supermarket so I came home with fish and nothing else.

In the absence of dill or any other herbs I raided the spice draw- Fennel seeds- close enough…

Fish Pie

Fresh fish




Bay leaves

Fennel seeds


Flour (I used spelt flour as I had no other flour in the house)




Dice Onion and Celery, cook in butter with the Fennel seeds and Bay leaves. Add Flour (about the same quantity as the butter) and mix in well. Add milk about 1/4 cup at a time stir well after each addition letting the sauce thicken and bubble before adding more liquid. Taste sauce and season with Salt & Pepper. Put aside.

Dice the fish in large pieces (about the same size as the prawns) add to the sauce, then tip into a oven proof dish.

Slice potatoes and arrange on top of the Fish mix cover with grated cheese (I used Gruyere, as it was all we had)

Bake in the oven till the potato is done. (you could par cook the potatoes before putting onto the pie if you are short on time)



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