No more melting flesh

Ah Fudge, Oh how I love thee-let me count thy ways… I love the way you are creamy and melt on my tongue, I love the way you are rich and sweet (just how I love my men), I love the way you melt the flesh off my fingers and stick to the bottom of my favorite pot…I love the way I came across a recipe for raw fudge… and I love the way it again contains a tin of beans that have been sitting in my pantry for the last 2 years…

So I came across a recipe for Black Bean Fudge, I ran (well limped fast due to my recent knee surgery) to the pantry and rummaged till I found that tin of Black beans that were waiting patiently till I made Mexican which I haven’t gotten round to- yet.

Lucky I love chilli chocolate as this was a tin of Black beans in chilli sauce- I can work with that! So I changed the recipe and viola- Please try it just once- totally worth it.

Mexican Black Bean chilli chocolate Fudge

1 tin Black Beans (rinsed and dried between two paper towels)

1/4 cup Golden syrup

3/4 cup Cocoa

1-2 tsp Cinnamon- to taste

1/8 tsp Chilli powder- depends how spicy you want it…

1/2 cup Melted Coconut oil (I am loving this stuff more and more!)

1 tsp Vanilla

Pinch of salt

Put everything in the food processor and blend till smooth- you could also use one of those wand things as the mix is really thick! Spoon it into a lined tray (a very small tray) smooth the top and set in the fridge. This can be kept in the freezer, and just defrost as you want it.



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