I really wish I loved it, it looks so cool to partake in a Whiskey after a meal with the boys, or should I say men.

But it is my own fault, I am sure if I had given it time to grow and appreciate a good drop of oak aged to refine the smokiness blah blah blah.

I didn’t stop to smell the roses, I picked them all in one night destroying them all forever- confused?

It was my cousins wedding and I decided it would be a good idea to do shots of whiskey with the boys at the bar… not just boys, there were men, my dad, the groom, the grooms men, uncles, more men, more boys I think there were 7 or maybe 9 people who joined me that night.. needless to say- I HATE WHISKEY.

So cooking with whiskey is hard- but I am learning to over come it.

Tonight its leftovers. I am making Mr Lid some Smoked Kahawai risotto balls and after a rummage in the fridge I am making a Whiskey cream sauce to go with them.

Smoked Kahawai Risotto Balls

Now these can be made with any left over risotto- you just mold it into balls or flat patties and pane them.

Pane (pan-ay) means to pass through flour, egg and breadcrumbs

I am using spelt flour, egg (with a little water, salt and pepper) and polenta.

You can use anything really it is just forming a crust around the risotto so when you fry it, it doesn’t fall apart.

Easy. Make balls, roll in flour, then roll in egg, then roll in crumbs. Fry.

I like to fry in a pan till golden then finish in the oven to warm all the way through- that way the outside doesn’t burn.


Whiskey Cream Sauce




I had no cream, so I used some smoked salmon cream cheese dip someone left at our house one night.

Fry the leeks till golden and soft in the butter, add whiskey and reduce, lastly stir in the dip.

Taste, add seasoning and a squeeze of lemon before serving





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