Just like crack cocaine

So I have a friend, she came to work with me to help out one day and I accidentally introduced her to something I shouldn’t have, she got addicted, she got it bad, craving every waking moment, begging to get a fix, she resorted to blackmail and bribery- anything she could do to get the next hit… How was I to know she would fall so bad for balsamic caramelised walnuts…

Actually I do know, they are crunchy, kinda sweet, salty, sorta vinegary, nutty little mouthfuls that are great on their own with a beer, yummy in a summer salad of nectarines and blue cheese or on a cheese board…

Balsamic caramelised walnuts

Walnuts (70g)
Brown sugar (1/3 cup)
Balsamic vinegar (1Tbs)

Toast walnuts in oven. While they are toasting heat sugar and vinegar in a pan (non stick- but I mean good non stick is awesome for caramel)
Heat caramel, testing by dropping in a glass of cold water or dripping onto a cold plate- you want The caramel to set firm.
When caramel is ready mix in nuts and stir to coat nuts. Pour onto grease proof paper, separate nuts with a couple of spoons as it will be hot hot hot. Lightly salt and eat… All of them.

Balsamic caramelised Walnuts


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