Hit and miss


After a few too many wines last night and a huge sleep in this morning Mr Lid and I had set two goals as we left the house

1. Pick up the car from town

2. Get a coffee

On our way to picking up the car we ventured to get a coffee at Best Ugly the new Al Brown venture mmm a coffee and a fresh Bagel- besides there being a HUGE queue we were distracted by the hustle and bustle  of the Food Truck Garage.

We love the show. We think Chef Mike Van de Elzen does good. We like the healthy tasty food he produces on the show- shame its not the same in real life.

We had two sodas, Mr Lid’s was a cola- it was light refreshing and tasty, mine was ginger w. orange, agave & bitters, yes it was sorta bitter, a tiny bit gingery but all in all it was lacking.

We ordered four food items:

13 SPICE CHICKEN ARMS w. chipotle emulsion $10

PRAWN TACOS w. green beans & avocado salsa $10


GRILLED AKAROA SALMON SKEWERS (3)  w. teriyaki sauce and little greens $12

Baked chips andPprawn tacos

It was really hit and miss and very expensive. The chicken arms with their 13 spices had no flavour- salt mustn’t have been one of the lucky 13 and for $10 the two chicken wings we got seemed a tad over priced. Prawn Tacos tasty,  I struggled to find any avocado and the salsa was bitter. The baked chips were yum well they would have been if they were hot? All the food seemed to be luke warm at best, a great achievement considering all the food comes as its ready? The emulsions that come with everything were light and creamy but again lacking flavour or punch or any resemblance of what they said they were. The saving grace was the salmon- it was melt in your mouth beautiful fresh and simply delicious.

This place was packed, they crammed as many people in to the small space as they could- the staff were friendly- but were not that keen on taking empty plates away. Its a nest place, lots to look at and buzzing, but for me not worth the $$.

And to make it worse- we forgot to get a coffee!!!



If you are around here- do check it out and let me know what you think!



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