Who doesn’t love a quickie.

It is really satisfying to make something with minimal dishes- especially when baking. Especially when baking in my kitchen.

Another thing that is satisfying is making a cookie that takes about 15 min from mixing, making, baking and eating- thats right you could be eating these in about 20 min- from now- thats 5min to finish reading this and 15min to make and bake- what more could you want from a recipe- the fact that these are gluten free is a bonus.

These are not your usual cookie, they are soft, chewy, moist and yum.

Coconut, chocolate and berry cookies

6Tbs Coconut Flour

4Tbs melted Coconut oil (could use butter- soften, do not melt)

2Tbs Agave nectar (could use honey or golden syrup)

1 Egg

2 Rows chocolate (I used white, but dark would be just as delish)

Dash of Vanilla (in fact freshly scraped vanilla pod would be lovely too)

Mix everything together in a bowl roll into 9 balls and flatten, press a frozen or fresh berry into the top of each cookie.

Bake 180c 11min till edges are golden- let cool and eat.

These are really versatile- you could put just about anything into the mix.


Ready for the oven



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