Brioche made me do it.

Mr Lid and I are not dessert eaters at home, on the odd occasion Mr Lid will open a bag of jelly lollies and eat a whole packet but that doesn’t count..

Funny because desserts are my thing, I love making a treat for someone and watching their eyes light up when you present them with a dainty decadent delight, even a massive mouthwatering mess is satisfying to watch people dig in and love every bite.

So sitting here on the couch, knowing that there is a half loaf of brioche sitting there- begging to be used up and not thrown away I had to do something- right?!

Not only did I have to make a pudding for tonight, but I had to make it with what I had because it is simply too cold to go outside. And I know we will be going to the gym tomorrow.

Dark chocolate and Berry Bread & Butter pudding

Brioche- cut into chunks

250ml Milk

65g Brown sugar (1/4 cup firmly packed)

2 Eggs

Dash of Vanilla

2 Rows Dark chocolate


As I am using brioche there is no need for butter- I do however butter the dishes I am baking the puddings in (I am making 4 puddings)


Mix the milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar together add the bread chunks to soak.

Mix through chocolate and berries (about a handful or two, I used frozen)

Squish mix into buttered ramekins, you can leave these to sit till you are ready to bake.

Sprinkle a little more brown sugar ontop.

Bake 180c 22min

*you can use white chocolate, banana, coconut milk – anything goes with this recipe.


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