A perfect Bloody Mary

A perfect Bloody Mary is one of the best things about the the morning after a night drinking- or not drinking.

They are great for a Sunday Brunch in a tall jug allowing guests to refill as much as their little hearts desire. Spicy and fresh with a stick of crunchy celery to stir and eat.

Even without the hair of the dog- a Virgin Mary is great to drink on a plane.


Perfect Bloody Mary

Tomato juice- a good quality tomato juice is best, one that is rich and flavourful and not too thin.

A dash or two of Worcestershire sauce- Lea & Perrins is best

Two shakes of Tabasco sauce- or your favorite spicy sauce- we use Kaitaia Fire

1.2 tsp Horseradish sauce

Salt and fresh Pepper

30ml Vodka

Ice- lots of ice!

Put Worcestershire, Tabasco, Horseradish, Vodka and Ice in a glass- stir to mix well.

Top with Tomato juice, Salt and Pepper.

Stir, taste, adjust seasoning- if not spicy enough add more.

Garnish with a stick of crunchy celery.






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