Second date guarantee

When Mr Lid and I were first dating I remember him making me breakfast on a Sunday, we would sit on his (now our) deck in the early morning sunshine reading the paper, doing the sudoku together and listing to his wonderful music collection- he would make his famous creamy mushrooms and poached eggs it was heaven- it was days like that, that made me realise he was the man for me.

These mushrooms are seriously delicious, so much so that my Dad has made them a frequent weekend breakfast feature for himself and mum, along with the perfect Bloody Mary. Makes you wish weekends lasted longer.


Mr Lids Creamy Mushrooms

Flat brown Mushrooms

Fresh garlic

Mixed herbs (dried is fine if you don’t have fresh)



Crush the garlic and caramelise in the pan with a knob of butter, add the sliced mushrooms. Stir to mix the garlic well in with the Mushrooms, add the herbs (not too many- just a pinch)

At this stage I add a little water- it helps to soften the Mushrooms and turns into a bit of a stock to help deepen the flavour.

Reduce the liquid down till it is almost gone- add cream- don’t add all the cream as you can always add more.

You want the star to be Mushrooms in a cream sauce, not a cream sauce with some Mushrooms in it.

Reduce the cream down- if you reduce it too far add more.

Season with a good amount of Fresh Black pepper and some salt.

We like to serve this with a wholemeal toast and runny poached eggs.


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