Pucker up

I thought I might do some nice baking for Mr Lid. So I asked what his favourite was, seeing as he is not the biggest sweet tooth I was not surprised by his answer. Lemon slice.

Well he didn’t specify lemon slice- he just said ‘something with lemon’ gee oh so helpful!

So my mission today was to make my darling husband a healthy Lemon slice, coconut flour instead of regular flour, coconut oil instead of butter and honey instead of sugar- the result is an amazingly tart Lemon slice that is to die for. With subtle hints of coconut that goes so well with lemon, and honey… yum fresh honey- no sore throats in this house!

Lemon Slice


2Tbs Coconut oil melted

1/2 cup Coconut Flour

2 Eggs

1Tbs Honey

Pinch of Salt

Mix everything together in a mixer or by hand- just make sure there are no lumps in the coconut flour.

Press into a small square tin lined with baking paper.

Bake 10min at 180c

While the base is baking start the curd.

Lemon & Honey Curd:

4 Eggs

1/4 cup Honey- you can add more if you want a sweeter curd

Zest 1 Lemon

1/2cup Lemon juice (about 2-3 lemons)

6Tbs melted Coconut oil

1/2 Sheet leaf gelatine- soaked in cold water

Put Lemon juice and coconut oil in a pot and bring to a simmer.

While it is heating up whisk remaining ingredients together.

Once Lemon juice mix has started to simmer whisk in egg mix- continue whisking till the mix thickens and bubbles.

Taste- add more honey if needed. Stir in soaked gelatine till dissolved.

Pour onto Base and let set.

(I like sheet gelatine but you could use 1tsp powdered gelatine if you like.)

This is a great Lemon curd recipe, just omit the gelatine and pour into a sterile jar ready to eat on toast, or for a dip with fruit, or just with a spoon.


This is a lovely site I found the Lemon curd recipe on…



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