Touch of nostalgia

I traveled to Morocco when I was about 25, I was living in London and my visa was about to run out. So I took my savings and hit the road for just over three months fitting in as many places as I could.

I met Sally and Sadie in Spain, before jumping on a boat to the tip of Africa- Morocco a magical place filled with crazy people, wonderful history and beauty at every turn. They were two young ladies who couldn’t wear bras due to an unfortunate topless sunbathing incident. We hit it off straight away and almost 9 years later we still stay in touch, and I had the pleasure of heading to Oz with Mr Lid last year to attend Sally’s wedding- but that is another story.

About a week before my wedding a huge box arrived. Addressed to Mr & Mrs it was our first wedding gift.

It was from Sally and her husband (lets call him Spud) it was amazing. A Tagine, Moroccan spice blends and some serving dishes, it bought back wonderful memories of Morocco all those years ago- that I hope to one day relive with my now Husband.

So tonight I am feeling a touch nostalgic, I am craving a sweet spiced hearty Tagine of tender meat, dried fruits that have plumped up with cooking juices on a bed of couscous- although I don’t have couscous. Quinoa it is!

Beef, chickpea and prune Tagine




Tinned Tomato

Tinned Chickpeas

1Tbs Ground Cumin

1Tbs Ground Ginger

1Tbs Sweet or smoked Paprika

1Tbs Ground Cinnamon

1Tbs Ras el Hanout


Salt & Pepper

Weather you make this in a Tagine, in the oven or on top of the stove this is a sort of stew- so basic stew method applies.

Fry off meat and veg till brown. Add spices and cook till fragrant.  Add drained chickpeas and the tin of tomatoes, fill a tin with water and add this to.Cook till meat is tender and sauce is reduced and thick. Add prunes 15 min before serving. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Serve with couscous, or quinoa even potato in fact mashed Kumara would be great. Sprinkle with toasted almonds.



One thought on “Touch of nostalgia

  1. Sounds like a great journey! I have a friend traveling in Morocco currently as well and they’re telling me how life sure is incredibly different compared to NZ. Mashed kumara seems like a perfect addition to accompany the dish.

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