Spicy wee number

I need a quick dinner STAT!

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and having to slave over a hot stove to make dinner for a loved one.

Tonight I am calling on a go to favourite of mine- it is quick, great for summer or winter, lovely hot or cold.

It can be changed to suit what ever you have in the house, but it is based on things that are usually buried in cupboards and drawers.

Chorizo, potato and smoked paprika salad

Chorizo (or bacon, spicy sausage- anything you like- even chicken)


Red onion

Smoked paprika

Cayene pepper




Parsley (or dried herbs)

Dice the potato, sausage, wedge the red onion and toss with oil, paprika, cayene and garlic- roast in the oven.

If using dried herbs throw them in at this stage.

Once cooked you can zest and squeeze a lemon and throw in some fresh parsley and eat.

I am going to roast some beans as well and serve with spinach.

As I said- anything goes with this- capsicum would be great roasted or fresh for some crunch, even pasta instead of potato.



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