This is not another ice cream parlor.

This is not another ice cream parlor, nor is it another gelato shop, this is a place of excitement, experimentation and exquisite textures and flavours.

Gianpaolo Grazioli, “Giapo” is a clever man. A man with a vision and a man who loves to play with his food.

An ice cream here is not just an ice cream. It is made fresh daily to assure you get the lightest, creamiest, freshest tasting product and I am sorry if all you want is a plain boring cone or cup. Every flavour comes with well thought out toppings that add texture, depth and a bit of a story.

Take the Kiwifruit sorbet for example- it comes layered with homemade raspberry jam and crisp meringue – a take on the good old kiwi favourite dessert the pavlova. Or the lemon sorbet the most safe most unassuming of all the flavours comes with a cloud of fresh candyfloss, some polyhantus flower and a mandarin pate de fruit!

There is nothing boring or expected about Giapo’s  selection of the day, today there was hokey pokey.. with crisp bacon enrobed in white chocolate…. dark chocolate with blue cheese, rum- which had a real kick and was topped with its own freshly baked macaroon with rum ganache.

I got to see the man himself in action today making his newest creation Risotto Milanese. With Saffron, Onions and Parmesan- I could eat this by the tub!! Do not and I repeat Do not be put off by the title! The ice cream is subtly infused with saffron and undertones of white wine marry blissfully with the crunch of puffed rice coated in a buttery, onion jam and parmesan coating- its slightly savoury but its oh so delicious.

It is $5.5 for a single or $7  for a double it is worth every penny in fact it is worth more, where he can source organic he does- even growing his own hazelnuts in Christchurch, this man does it for love, for passion, for fun, for his customers, for his family, for himself but not for the money- the sheer attention to detail gets over looked by many, but those of us who pay attention to what we are eating will notice the care that goes into every serve.

Open 7 days a week 11:30am- 11pm or until the ice cream sell out at 279 Queen Street, Auckland. Right next to the Civic Theatre.



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