Hallertau Microbrewery

Hallertau microbrewery is miles away. I won’t lie even for us and we live out west. If you have a sober driver on hand it could be a nice place for a leisurely lunch or a cosy night out by the fire drinking beer catching up with old friends.
We sat on the undercover deck and on a cold day it was lovely and warm.
The boys ordered a tasting paddle which was 5x 100ml glasses of beer that the brewery was currently producing (well 4 beers and a seasonal cider)
Food wise, it was a bit all over the show- the menu read really well and sounded homely and comforting- it just didn’t follow through. The chicken and leek hot pot ended up being meatballs in a tomato sauce, the cauliflower bake was cold in the middle- like fridge cold, instead of warm cheesy goodness, the braised beef krokets were weird- maybe I’m just super fussy as my family have a tradition of making krokets, but theirs were stringy. Next the prawn taco- it was spicy, but really bitter and with four over cooked chewy prawns poor Mr Lid was left disappointed with his choice.
Now desserts… 2 out of 4- not the most awesome odds.
Espresso creme brûlée was said to be amazing- so much so I didn’t even get to smell it before it was devoured!
Mr Lid a avid cheese lover had a terrine of 3 cheeses with beer jelly- it was like all the end scraps of cheese stuck together with more cheese- it was a huge portion tho, so if you like cheese and love cheese rind you will love it!
Chocolate molten cake- was a cake with sauce on top not inside- it was nice but again a bit if a let down.
Lastly the olliebollen with chocolate sauce and cream- this was yum. The chef must be Dutch as olliebollen are a Dutch doughnut that my Oma used to make at New Years.

We had a voucher so we got $50 off the bill- making it a tonne of food and drink for a reasonable $100 per couple. Our tummies were full full full but we weren’t excited or satisfied that we had just eaten a memory. In fact I’ve forgotten it already.








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