Saucy dumplings

Mr Lid was a vegetarian when we met, and he stayed a vegetarian up until about a year and a half into our relationship. I wouldn’t eat meat at home which meant once a week heading over to my parents place for a roast or a steak, it also meant heading out for a curry with our friends.

I will tell you about the demise of vegetarianism in our household another time- I want to talk about chicken.

We only eat free range in our house as a nod of respect to Mr Lids vegetarian days, its about the quality of life.

I am a big fan of chicken. Don’t get me wrong I love beef and lamb and seafood, but there is something about chicken that is special. I love that you can buy cooked chickens from the supermarket especially free range.

If a hot roasted free range chicken finds itself at our house- it better watch out.

I pull the meat off the bones as it is destined for greater things, and with the bones I make stock.

EASY. Great to have in the fridge or freezer for that matter.

Chicken Stock

Bones of chicken



Carrot Bay leaf

Pepper corns Water

Salt and Pepper

Peel and cut vegetables chunky, add to pot with bones and bay leaves, cover with water and bring to a gentle boil for about 30-60 min- if you are using bones of a roasted chicken, if you are using raw chicken bones boil for 60-120min. Taste the stock to intensify the flavour- the more it reduces the stronger the flavour.

To be honest if I want a quick stock I just add a bay leaf to the water and forget the veg- I usually add them into what ever I am creating.

Chicken, leek and mushroom Hot pot


Chicken meat from above- or raw chicken meat


Mushroom (flat brown mushrooms are best for this)

White wine



Fry diced leek and mushrooms (if you are using raw chicken add at this stage) , deglaze the pan with some wine (if you are using)

Cook to evaporate wine, next sprinkle with flour and stir coating the veg in the pot.

Next add the stock, a bit at a time letting it bubble before adding more- stir stir up to the boil no lumps.

Season with Salt and Pepper. Add the chicken meat at this stage to heat through.

You can add anything to this to flavour- seeded mustard or thyme would be lovely- I am going to make some herb and cheese scones to go on top.

Basic scone mix
3 cups plain flour
2 level tablespoons baking powder
75g COLD diced butter
Sour cream
I put all this into the food processor and pulse till all the butter is mixed in leaving a consistency of fine breadcrumbs. Put in a container in the fridge till you need it.
For every cup of the flour mix I used 1 heaped tablespoon of sour cream and enough milk to bring the mix together.
I flavoured the dumplings/scones with parmesan, thyme and rosemary.
Spoon on top of the chicken pot pie mix and bake 160c till golden.



2 thoughts on “Saucy dumplings

  1. Wow, this sounds delicious! As a fellow passionate fan of chicken and chicken flavoured things, I Will definitely be making this one day soon. Or better yet, someone will make it for me!

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