Crispy. Salty. Spicey

I LOVE CHIPS! (or crisps)

I love the satisfying crunch, I love the lick your finger saltyness, I love them. I could happily sit down and eat a whole bag. Potato chips (crisps) are my favourite, but over the years I have come to love all vegetable crisps.

A couple of years ago Mr Lid and I did a detox (we do one every year) but this was our first and we got all excited. We raced to the shop and bought a dehydrator to make our own dried fruit and vegetable chips. Fail. Well they turned out ok it was the fact that they took a week and the dehydrator was so darn noisy we had to put it in the spare room down the other end of the house.

But what I am about to share with you is amazing.

Crispy. Salty. Spicey. Take less than a week. GOOD FOR YOU!

The craze- Kale crisps, or Cavolo nero. Yum. And super easy.

Kale Chips

As much Kale as you want

Oil spray


Spices- Chilli is great, or smoked paprika, I used a smoked garlic and flaky salt blend.

Parmesan- the good stuff hand grated

Clean and dry the Kale really well- no moisture at all. Remove the woody center and cut into strips.

Spray with oil and sprinkle over seasoning and cheese, turn over and repeat.

Spread out- do not have it all bunched up- use two or even three trays if needed.

Put in the oven 120c till crisp- about 15-20min, they may need turning over and a tad more time.

By no means did I come up with these amazing things- I am simple sharing the love.




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