Just use what you’ve got.

Takeaways…. Make dinner?  Takeaways…. Make dinner!

Life is full of decisions.

It would be so easy to just pop down the road to our favorite Japanese restaurant, but we are meant to be saving for house renovations and our Honeymoon next year, so as much as I would love to get takeaways… I had to make dinner.

Something quick, easy and made with stuff we have in the house.

I had some amazing Cavolo nero that I wanted to use up- this stuff is beautiful not only does it taste yum, but it looks fantastic- so much so that if I was to put it in a vase you would think I’m a wanna be florist.


 Cavolo nero and Cannellini bean Soup




Stock (chicken or vegetable) or water

Fennel seeds

Chilli flakes

Tinned tomato

Can rinsed Cannellini beans


Cavolo nero/Kale

Fry the firmer veg (onion, potato, celery) and seasonings (fennel seeds, chilli flakes etc) in a little olive oil till soft and translucent. Add water or stock and tomato and simmer to cook veg. I like to grate in the fresh garlic at this stage- I find the clean taste of the raw garlic is lovely- if you want to cook it with the veges to begin with, be my guest.

About 15min before ready to serve add the Cannellini beans and the kale (remove the tough central rib and cut into strips)

Adjust seasoning to taste.

Serve in a big bowl with fresh grated parmesan over the top and a splash of olive oil.


The great thing about soup is that you can add or subtract what ever you like. Try making with out tomato- I just used what I had left over in the fridge.


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