Mary had a little lamb- then she ate it.

Lamb Shanks were cheap, really cheap like $5 a packet 10 years ago. They were an off cut, or a mini roast for one.

Now they are gourmet amazing wonderful things, and they are even better when they are on special at the butcher!! Cooked long and slow they just melt in the mouth, meat dripping off the bone, oozing with flavour and great for a winters eve. Even better when you can make more than you need and make pies or quick meals to freeze for the future options are endless.

I like to braise my shanks in a mixture of red wine and orange, rich, deep, fragrant, a little earthy and really good… and easy

Braised Lamb Shanks





Lamb shanks



Bay leaf

Tomato paste

Red wine- if you wouldn’t drink it then don’t cook with it

Fresh Oranges

Tinned Tomatoes

As with all good things start with dicing the vegetables the same size, and fry in a little oil, once a little brown add tomato paste and brown. Put into oven proof dish (or into the pressure cooker or slow cooker)

Brown shanks- seasoning with Salt and Pepper, once golden transfer with veg. De-glaze the pan with red wine (removing all the caramelised bits stuck to the pan) and cook off the alcohol, add zest of an orange (just peel with a peeler) and juice of a couple (the same amount of orange as wine, you can use bottled juice if you like, just use less as bottled juice is sweeter)

Add wine and juice to the veg and meat mix, add a tin of tomatoes (chopped) throw in herbs cover tightly and cook.

Before eating taste- the sauce might need to be balanced, if the acidity from the wine needs balancing add some sugar.

170-180c in the oven for about 3 hours, turn part way through cooking)

1 1/2 hours medium pressure in the pressure cooker

Now this is where I usually have a yummy looking photo but to be honest- Mr Lid ate them before I could get one… next time.


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