Old school with a twist

I lived in London for two and a half years, in that time I never made the classic toad in the hole.

In the time I have lived with Mr Lid in west Auckland, I have made it twice.

A classic combination of sausages cooked in a Yorkshire pudding batter served with onion gravy- tonight I thought I would change it up a bit seeing as the sausages from the butcher I got were curry flavoured?! In my defense it was all they had- and they were surprisingly lovely.

So instead of onion gravy I am making a curry sauce with tomato and pear, seemed fitting with the flavour of sausages I had to work with.

Toad in the hole with curry sauce

1 Packet Sausages- I find ones from the butcher are best as you want a bit of fat to cook the Yorkshire pudding in.

140g Flour

2 Eggs

175ml Milk

Salt & Pepper

A little oil

Put a little oil in a roasting dish or the dish, seperate the sausages and toss in the oil till all lightly coated.

At 200-220c cook the sausages till golden 15-25min

While sausages are cooking make the batter. Put flour and salt into a bowl, make a well and add 2 eggs, whisk in the milk slowly making sure there are no lumps, let the batter rest. You could put fresh herbs into the batter or some spices if you like.

Once the sausages are golden (and some of the fat has come out of them),remove the tray from the oven (shut the door as not to loose any heat) and carefully pour in the batter around the sausages- return quickly to the oven.

Cook 15-30min till edges are golden and a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Serve with curry sauce and peas 🙂

Tomato and pear curry sauce

Onion diced

Garlic crushed

Tinned tomatoes

1-2 Pears

Dried apricot


Curry powder

Tomato paste

Dice onion, garlic and pear and fry in a little oil to caramelise, add curry spices- cook out till fragrant.

Add tomato paste, then tinned tomatoes and a little water.

Let this cook for about 10min, next add honey and dried apricots (you could also use sultanas)

Add more water and simmer till pears are soft and sauce has reached desired consistency- add more water or stock if you like.

Season with Salt & Pepper


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