Stuff me, roll me, tie me up

I love my Mum- we are very similar people and I have been told as I get older I am more and more like her- poor Mr Lid, but in saying that she is my best friend. Well that may be a touch strong, she is a very close friend… ok maybe just a nice friend- kidding- after all she is my Mum.

But my Dad… I am such a Daddy’s girl!

And while Mum is away in Australia I feel I have to look after Dad- even if he is a nearly 63 year old man.

When I say look after, I mean ring often to make sure he is..ummm… I am not sure why I ring- he would probably love it more if I didnt ring, that way no women would be bothering him and it would be like he is on his own mini holiday.

But I did ring with a purpose this time- to invite him to dinner. I know he is perfectly capable if making his own meat and three veg but a nice wine some good company and something a little different than what you would usually cook just for one is always a nice change.

I had a Beef rolled rib Roast and I was inspired.

Stuffed Rolled Rib Roast
Rolled Rib Roast
Lemon zest
Fresh herbs- parsley, rosemary, thyme
Remove the string from the beef and unroll- grate the garlic and zest, chop the herbs and anchovies and combine.
Spread over the unrolled beef, season with pepper and dollop a bit of butter over the stuffing.
Re-roll and tie leave to warm up to room temperature before cooking (allows the meat to cook more evenly)
I browned my beef in a fry pan that I could put in the oven- brown on all sides and cook at 160c about 45min per 500g- Rib Roasts are best cooked long and slow- all the way through, or they get tough.

Pull Roast out and wrap in tinfoil to rest.

Put the pan on the stove top and make the sauce… I melted a couple of anchovies into the pan juices (which were all yummy and caramelised meaty bits and left over butter and fat from the meat- leave this in as it adds a richness to the sauce), add red wine and reduce, taste the sauce- mine needed a bit of sweet to balance it so I added some agave nectar. Once the meat has rested for around 20min- put a small hole into the foil and add the meaty juices to the sauce.

Mixed Roast Root Veg





Fresh herbs- rosemary and thyme



Peel and cut all the vegetables the smae size- toss in some oil seasoning and the herbs.

Roast 180-200c till cooked- serve with the roasted Beef.

IMG_1143 IMG_1144 IMG_1145 IMG_1150


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