Keep your Ransom, I’d rather stay…

Driving home from up north starving for anything other than a pie- choices are a tad limited. Unless you want to veer off the main road and pop to Matakana but that in its self is a day trip…

We have driven past Ransom Vineyard loads. Finally Mr Lid and I agree to stop for a spot of lunch. Admittedly it was after 3 but we were hopeful.

The parking lot was full- good sign.

We made our way inside and asked if we could have lunch, alas the kitchen was closed but they offered us breads and dips and a cheese board- SOLD.

I like that the cheese board came with options. You could get one cheese for $10, two for $20 or three for $30, you could get all the same cheese or three different chesses- and they were local, from Puhoi just up the road. We went for three as we love cheese, and we went for a breads and dips that was $12 per person which I also think is a nice idea of pricing a platter.

We also opted for a taster of 5 wines (which was equal to a glass of wine) for $12. A nice variety of two whites, a rose and two reds and they all had their merits matched with the food.

Sitting outside was not an option as it was raining and yuk- but it looked the place to be in summer, only a few meters from the vines.

We sat on the deck that was covered in, it was cold but bearable- and when the pizza oven in the corner was cranked up I am sure it would be lovely.

The service was friendly and not too in your face as in a place like that there is nothing worse than being hounded every 5 minutes- we were left to sit and admire the view and watch the cheeky sparrows attempt to steal of a table that had yet to be cleared.

The wine was delicious! We came home with four bottles.

As far a simple platters go- I would order them again. Just the right amount of fuss adding perfectly to the star of the show which was the three cheese’s. There was a port jelly that was sweet and fruity, a fig and walnut log, some amazing almonds that you could tell were lightly toasted in house.

The bread (supplied from Loaf) was tender and not dry, olive oil pressed from local olives from Ransom and surrounding vineyards was fruity and fresh went lovely with the dukkah, and the dips were yum. A simple dip of mashed green peas, some carrot hummus and a beautiful smokey babba ganoosh.

We left with full bellies and a smile on our faces knowing we had some yummy wine to drink when we got home. We would love to try the actual lunch platter they make but if need be we would settle for the cheese board and dips. Which I forgot to mention were served on platters made from old sections of wine barrels!!! They were for purchase and we will be returning for one or two.

IMG_1116 IMG_1118 IMG_1115 IMG_1117 IMG_1120


2 thoughts on “Keep your Ransom, I’d rather stay…

  1. What was your favorite at this winery? I live in Colorado and am not familiar with this producer but am interested! NZ is on my list of wine regions to visit in the next two years!

    • Hi Jayme Marie, all the wines were super! I so hope you do make it here, New Zealand has some amazing vineyards to visit, we are still coming across new wines every time we go out- it makes it very exciting. We just went to a flight for Esk Valley- looking forward to drinking some of their wine over summer! Mr Lid and I are hoping to Honeymoon over your way next year we are looking forward to trying some of your wines 🙂

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