The Food Loop

I remember growing up my Dad would always truss the Christmas Turkey, every year without fail there would not be a ball of string insight when he went to do this. There was the odd occasion we found a ball of red or green string reminiscent of the blue soup scene from Bridgette Jones diary flash to mind! Skewers were also used a couple of times, my Dad is great at good ol’ kiwi ingenuity, or he would have a rummage in the garage for twine- oh so hygienic!

A couple of years ago Mr Lid and I hosted the Family for Christmas Lunch and I was not going to suffer the same fate as my Dear Father! So Mr Lid and I went out with the soul purpose to get string for the turkey what we came home with was better than we could have imagined!

I introduce to you… The Food Loop

It is made from silicone so it is resistant to high heats, it is washable, it is reusable, it is brightly coloured so you don’t throw it away with the bones, it can be joined together to make it longer, it can be used on so many more things than just turkey.



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