The Block

Saturday brunch. Oh how I love thee. The fact that you are two meals in one so you can eat a treat. Something yummy that you know is kinda bad for you- all washed down with a coffee.
After seeing our first choice was full on a drive by we decided Blockhouse bays newest addition The Block was the next best thing…
Plenty of seating options- outside on the undercover deck was a lovely choice- although the chairs were proving a little stiff for one of our party who had put his back out a few days prior.
The menu looked delicious, we found it a little tough to make a decision- don’t worry we did.
Tempura prawn salad with cashew sambal and chilli dressing, eggs Benedict with salmon, selection of three mini sliders and chunky hand cut fries with smoked salt and aioli.
We were so looking forward to this!!
Coffee was strong and hot, the soy chai latte was spicy as ordered, then came the food…
Maybe they were having an off day- I understand totally. Weekends are tough with a never ending stream of people.
My salad looked amazing- although I was a little sad that either the dressing wasn’t as flavourful as it read or they forgot it completely, three whole prawns were huge but on closer inspection they were wrapped in vermicelli then tempura’d leaving them doughy and heavy rather than thin and crisp like tempura should be. The ol’ classic of eggs Bennie was lovely, generous portion of salmon but again the sauce lacked punch like a great hollandaise has- nothing some more lemon wouldn’t have fixed. Three mini sliders were just that 3 mini sliders on a plate, free range chicken, beef and fresh fish all with a relish or sauce to help enhance flavour, but at $18 that’s $6 a slider… A touch expensive for what it was. Hand cut chips- a generous portion with loads of aioli, couldn’t taste the smoked salt tho which was a bit disappointing.
Like I said it might have been an off day, the counter food looked yum- might give that a go next time.
Come here for a strong coffee and some people watching- give the Menu a try and let me know if all your brunchy dreams came true.






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