Beef & Beer

For a super quick Dinner making up a meal in the Slow Cooker at night and popping it in the fridge for the morning is a great way to save time.

Last night I even put the Slow Cooker on before going to bed so in the morning all I had to do was portion it out into meals let them cool and pop them in the freezer for quick fix lunches for Mr Lid to take to work or when the thought of cooking is just too much to bare, could even be used as a filling for a pie if you have left over pastry, or cover it dumplings or mash of some sort- the possibilities are endless

The only thing with cooking in a Slow Cooker I find is the sauce never reduces and goes all glossy and thick- nothing a little flour won’t fix!

Last night I made a Beef and Beer Stew- with a lovely Dark Malty Ale Mr Lid had forgotten about in the fridge.

Beef & Beer

Stewing steak- I like to Cross cut Blade steak because thats what my Mum taught me

Leek/ Onion




(you could even dollop in some tomato paste)

Bay leaf

Salt and Pepper

A Bottle of Dark Beer- Guinness is a Classic

I fried everything first till nice and caramelised, then threw it into the Slow Cooker.

It is not the most fancy meal but it tastes hearty and is super quick. A great Freezer filler!!

I had some leftover spinach from the freezer which I added to my mash- it was a fantastic colour and a great way of making greens easier to eat!




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