Orange you glad you read this?

Mr Lid and I have a beautiful Orange tree, it is huge and gives us a heap of fruit every season, this year is no exception!

After giving my parents a bag when ever I remember, we still have buckets left.

And after tripping over them in the laundry every day I finally got my A into G and made MARMALADE!

Secret… I don’t actually eat marmalade as I don’t eat toast… but I put it in really pretty jars that would make great gifts (sorry to spoil the surprise if you receive a jar)

I guess the sudden influx of Marmalade in our house will inspire me to make some non toasty stuff with it, I’m thinking ice cream, or a cheese cake…

After reading for hours on the net and flicking through my Grandmas recipe book I came to one conclusion… Marmalade can be really hard and time consuming.

And then I found this recipe super easy and quick, I added some Bourbon as I thought it would be YUM and it is..

Orange & Bourbon Marmalade

6 Oranges (or any citrus you like)

1kg Sugar (I used caster sugar)

1/4 cup Bourbon

Cut the citrus into quarters and blend rind and all in the food processor till the consistency you desire in your marmalade (the texture will not change after cooking, so it needs to be relativity fine)

Add Sugar, mix well.

Cook on a medium heat for 15min- string every so often.

Add Bourbon- cook for another 5 min- till desired consistency.

(Put a plate in the freezer, to test the consistency put a dollop on the plate and let set if its too runny, cook marmalade for longer)

Pour into sterilised jars

Eat .






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