Twist & Tweak

Its funny what inspires you. Especially when it comes to food. I mean there are the classic combinations, then there are twists and turns and then there are the down right “No way that sounds weird” but it totally works.

The secret is not to be afraid. Trust yourself. Each to their own- as they say. If it does taste a bit weird- don’t give up. Tweak and make it work.

Beetroot and Orange is a bit of a classic. With a bit of a twist this afternoon I found a new way to use up some of Yummy Marmalade I made the other day!

Beetroot & Marmalade Relish

1 Large Beetroot- grated

1/2 Onion- grated

4 Tbs Orange Marmalade

6 Tbs Cider vinegar

6 Tbs Water

1 Cinnamon quill

2 Tbs Brown sugar

Put all ingredients in a pot, partially covered with a lid, over a medium to low heat.

Cook till Beetroot is tender and the liquid is almost gone.

Taste- dependent on your Marmalade you may need a touch more sugar.

This only makes a small amount- about one jar.

Great with cheese, on a burger, even in a salad with some feta and pine nuts… drooool



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