Mmmm Meat between Buns

I love a good burger.

If I am really regretting too many wines the night before Mr Lid and I may venture to a fast food joint for a greasy over load, but I wouldn’t class that as a good burger.

There are an abundance of gourmet burger places around Auckland but I can’t bring myself to pay the exorbitant prices for some mince and bread!

So how do we fix this… make our own! And the best part is you are not restricted to what they tell you you can have in your burger, you are free to do what ever you like.

I know someone I know showed me these patties, I am afraid I am sorry I can’t remember who. If I have mucked up your recipe I’m sorry this is how I like them. If it was you- let me know as they are yum and you are welcome to pop over sometime when the sun is out and join Mr Lid and I for a Burger and a beer on the deck.

Seriously yum Beef Burgers

Beef mince

Finely diced Onion

Finely diced Gherkin

Tomato Sauce

Mustard (I like the bright yellow American kind)

Salt and Pepper

As easy as mushing it all together and forming into patties.

I like to fry a little taster off first to check I have enough flavour going on.

These were AMAZING the other night with a fried egg, some beetroot relish, melted cheese and crisp lettuce- just like a good ol’ kiwi burger!


Everyone has a favorite burger recipe, I would love to know yours. Please share below.


2 thoughts on “Mmmm Meat between Buns

  1. I like to form the mince patty around a chunk of blue cheese,
    so when you bite into it there is yummy melted blue cheese in the middle!
    We dont eat wheat/bread, so we wrap our patties/tomato etc in iceburg lettuce leaves.
    Carl Jnr’s does this too – you can get any of their burgers ‘low carb’ where they swap the bun for a lettuce wrap.

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