Aint no party like a Chicken Nibble party

What I love about Family, is over the years without trying they develop traditions that get passed down from generation to generation. You can choose to embrace these traditions or not. No pressure.

You can make slight changes as the years go on and make the tradition your own in its own special way.

If you have ever been to a special occasion at my Parents house you will know ‘chicken nibbles’ make a party, and over the years special occasions at my sisters house or even my own the star of the show is and all ways will be ‘chicken nibbles’.

Cards night with the boys= chicken nibbles.

Girls night on the town= chicken nibbles

Birthday party whether it be a 1st or 60th= chicken nibbles

House warming, dress-up party, engagement, anniversary, watching the rugby or just a Sunday night.

These small yet perfectly formed morsels of chicken are tasty moist flavour explosions that in our family is one tradition I think will go on forever.

I do not have precise measurements, I never have, what I like about these is you can add what you like quantity wise to suit your taste.

Worlds yummest Chicken nibbles

Worcestershire sauce- dash
Honey (1/4)
Tomato sauce(1/2)
Soy sauce (1/8-1/4)
These are just a guide it really is to taste- I like to add different hot sauces for a bit of zing- mix marinade and toss through chicken nibbles and leave to macerate for an hour or even over night, spread on a tray (lined with paper makes cleaning up easy) and bake 180c for about 40-60min turning once during cooking. if there is marinade left over you can either baste the nibbles while cooking or boil in a pan and pour over once cooked. You can sprinkel toasted sesame seeds to finish.
It is a must to eat these with fingers, and a big saucy grin to finish.





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