I love finding a bargain.

In fact the other day Mr Lid and I saw something on sale and we had the following conversation…

Mr Lid “Hey look at that, its on sale, we should get two”

Mrs Pot “We don’t need that”

Mr Lid “Yeah I know, but its on sale and you always buy things on sale”

I don’t think its just me, I think it is in every womans DNA to want to get a bargain.

This brings me to our Dinner at Vinnies by Geoff Scott the other night, they do a experimental menu on a Wednesday night that is 7 courses for $70 well worth a nosy I say.

Vinnies is in Aucklands Herne Bay, Chef Owner Geoff Scott trained in London under Albert Roux at Le Gavroche before working in Italy and France before finally landing a job working for Alain Ducasse at his Michelin three star restaurant ‘Le Louix VX’ Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.
Geoff creates modern New Zealand cuisine using respected French cooking techniques, inspired by classic Kiwi flavours and combinations.

The atmosphere is lovely with fantastic art on the walls show casing New Zealand artists, at the moment the work of FLOX are displayed and they are amazing!

It was weird when we arrived as we got asked if we wanted a drink at the bar while we waited for the rest of our table to arrive.. we were led to the bar which had two seats next to a fireplace, lovely and warm but in the main walkway from the kitchen- weird.

The wine list is not huge and it is not cheap- most wines sold by the glass were $13 and over- we managed tho.

The food- this is where I get excited, I know Geoff, and I know his food and it is lovely- he is very good at what he does and loves his job which shows in the little plates of art that we were presented with throughout the evening.

The Amuse Bouche (small taster to get your taste buds warmed up) was a Leek and Potato mousse with crisp leek and black sesame seeds- it was light, tasty, a gorgeous texture and set the tone for the rest of the evening


First course was Gruff Junction goats curd with Nashi pear and mixed leaves with a burnt honey and lavender dressing- it was lovely and fresh the honey and goats curd are a match made in heaven.


We were then served a homemade sourdough roll which was warm and crunchy, but to me a little out of place being served between courses not at the start of the meal?

Next up something Geoff was going to work on a bit more so it could be put on the menu- we were glad he said he was going to work on it more as it needed it. Don’t get me wrong it was lovely- Lightly confit Duck finished in the oven on a Hazelnut and potato mash with beetroot and white balsamic gel- it looked like art on a piece of slate instead of a plate- but it was stone cold and not a hint of hazelnut to be found.


A sharp and most refreshing palate cleanser of Lemon granitas was presented getting us ready for the main.

Now the main was seafood. A bit unusual, lucky we all ate seafood!

Scallops on a Kingfish mousse with a crab foam (I had had a few wines by now so my remembering of descriptions was less that desirable) baby leeks and watermelon radish. the scallops although small were perfectly cooked, the Kingfish mousse was wonderful and lemony it was like eating air and not overly fishy, the sauce I liked but others on the table found it a bit too crabby? And if anyone ever offers me watermelon radish again I might pass as to me the texture was less than radish more week old watermelon.


Now onto the sweets-Walnut bread, Quince paste and a Triple Cream Brie- the walnut bread tasted a bit stale and when paired with the cheese an overwhelming taste of socks comes to mind… the table was split two voted ‘yay’ two voted ‘nay’


Pudding was yummy! It was a warm cake of Apple and spices with small balls of caramelised apple and a toffee sauce, served with sourcream ice cream- it was not too sweet, it had caramel and was dessert so I was happy.


And to round the meal off- tea with a Yuzu Marshmallow. Yuzu is a Japaneese citrus and I love the stuff it is so tart and flavourful it makes anything taste good- and the texture of the homemade cubes of cloud were perfect.

The night was great, the wine was delicious, the food was fresh and tasty although not as experimental as we thought it would be, but that is Geoffs style- nothing too weird just really good. The seven courses- well if you count there wernt really seven, is a shotglass of shaved ice really a course? Worth the $70 tho and we even got a futher discount after using our Entertainment card- YESSS !




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