Ball meet Face

Mr Lid and I were meant to do Sober May, but for some reason we went ate out and drunk like it was going out of fashion- it could have been that I was making the most of my last month of walking freely and wearing heels?!

Then we were meant to do Dry July. Fail.

August was a bit of a half arsed attempt kinda trying to be healthy Monday to Friday and going totally overboard on the Weekend.

But here we are… September.

Sober September to be exact.

Not that Mr Lid and I are drunk all the time- let me make that clear, we like the odd drink, but if you could get drunk off food I would be a HUGE alcoholic (Lucky you cant).

To us Sober September is Detox month- we have detoxed one month a year since we met. Clean eating cutting out sugars, dairy, carbs, gluten and most proteins, pretty much just eating FRESH vegetables and fruit, and taking a heap of pills that are meant to rid the body of toxins and waste.

This is something that really appeals to me. The idea that as bad as I am during the year there is one month that I look after myself. Giving it time to rest, revive and reset itself. You sleep so much better find a whole lot of energy you though you lost with the last five years and it is a great way to reconnect- with nature and people.

Hahaha- don’t mock me! I know I sound all new age and hippy. When you cant just pop down the road to a cafe for an outing, or to the pub to catch up with friends you find yourself making an effort. Last night before I went to bed I made Mr Lid a packed lunch to take to work today- as every wife should, on the weekend we are going on a picnic, or a walk in the bush somewhere. We might invite some friends to join us- maybe even play beach cricket…

Ok now I am taking the piss. Me play a ball sport?! Hi Ball meet Face…

I have found during Detox comfort food is essential- this soup is essential…

Moroccan Pumpkin and chickpea soup with spiced yoghurt

1/2tsp Ground Ginger

1/2tsp Ground Cinnamon and a Cinnamon Quill

1tsp Ground Cumin

1tsp Ground Coriander

1tsp Smoked Paprika

1/2tsp Chilli (depends on how spicy you like it)

1/2tsp Caraway seeds

1 Onion (diced)

1 Pumpkin (peeled and seeds removed)

1tsp Honey

1 can Chickpeas (you could cook fresh, or any other tinned legumes that you like, like lentils)

Salt- or a stock cube.

In a dash of oil fry the onion and the spices till translucent, add diced pumpkin and cover with water.

Let cook till pumpkin is soft. I used a stick blender to puree soup, this can be done with a potato masher, a jug blender or food processor… remember to remove cinnamon quill if using!

Adjust spices to get a nice balance- I like a bit of honey to help bring out the natural sweetness in the pumpkin.

*you can use whole spices and gently toast them in a dry pan till fragrant then grind them up- this will give a lovely fresh strong spice to the soup- but to be honest I was in a hurry and couldn’t be bothered.

Spiced Yoghurt

Natural unsweetened Yoghurt

Ground Cumin

1 Clove crushed Garlic

Squeeze Lemon juice

Salt and Pepper

Mix everything together and let sit in the fridge for a bit so flavours mingle.



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