Brioche made me do it.

Mr Lid and I are not dessert eaters at home, on the odd occasion Mr Lid will open a bag of jelly lollies and eat a whole packet but that doesn’t count..

Funny because desserts are my thing, I love making a treat for someone and watching their eyes light up when you present them with a dainty decadent delight, even a massive mouthwatering mess is satisfying to watch people dig in and love every bite.

So sitting here on the couch, knowing that there is a half loaf of brioche sitting there- begging to be used up and not thrown away I had to do something- right?!

Not only did I have to make a pudding for tonight, but I had to make it with what I had because it is simply too cold to go outside. And I know we will be going to the gym tomorrow.

Dark chocolate and Berry Bread & Butter pudding

Brioche- cut into chunks

250ml Milk

65g Brown sugar (1/4 cup firmly packed)

2 Eggs

Dash of Vanilla

2 Rows Dark chocolate


As I am using brioche there is no need for butter- I do however butter the dishes I am baking the puddings in (I am making 4 puddings)


Mix the milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar together add the bread chunks to soak.

Mix through chocolate and berries (about a handful or two, I used frozen)

Squish mix into buttered ramekins, you can leave these to sit till you are ready to bake.

Sprinkle a little more brown sugar ontop.

Bake 180c 22min

*you can use white chocolate, banana, coconut milk – anything goes with this recipe.

You will eat it, and you will like it…

Sunday morning. Breakfast in Bed. Two things that belong together. And today I wanted to do something nice for Mr Lid.

Although it is difficult making Mr Lid breakfast in bed because he never really eats breakfast because its too early- usually a coffee will suffice.

So I made it anyway and I made something sweet-ish so I knew I would have my work cut out for me making him eat it- doesn’t sound as pleasant as a leisurely breakfast in bed does it?

Caramelised Orange Brioche french toast, with orange sourcream.




Orange Zest & flesh


Brown sugar

Sour cream



Mix egg with some milk, vanilla and orange zest- soak brioche in eggy mixture both sides.

Melt butter in a non stick pan (if you have one). Sprinkle both sides of brioche with brown sugar and fry in pan on low heat- making sure to add more butter if needed- caramelise both sides, remove.

Fry orange flesh in the pan adding a touch more brown sugar (these were oranges off our tree so they were pretty sour)

Meanwhile mix sour cream, vanilla, honey and some more orange zest. You could use creme fraiche, or cream or yoghurt I had none of these hence the sour cream- but it added a nice sour/ creamy element to the dish.

Layer everything on a plate and serve.