Hash cake- the other kind.

Making something yum out of leftovers is so satisfying, I have said it before. Last nights leftovers are no exception and the dish I am going to make is great for any time of day, especially brunch.

Super quick and delicious corned beef hash cakes served with a soft poached egg, its golden heart oozing bringing a richness to the dish.

Corned beef hash cake

Last nights leftover cooked corned beef shredded

Finely sliced spring onion

I also added some brussel sprouts, you could also add cabbage or any other greens you like.

Potato- semi cooked and grated- I love Agria potatoes.

When cooking the potato make sure they are dry and not too wet- cook by putting the whole potato in the oven or microwave- if boiling, once the water is strained off leave to steam to dry out a bit.

Mustard to taste- you could use relish or mayonnaise – any flavour you like

(you could add cheese if you like)

Salt and Pepper

Combine everything in a bowl and mix well- form into patties (I use a ring cutter to help shape the cakes) pressing together firmly.

Let sit in the fridge till ready to cook.

In a pan or on the BBQ melt a knob of butter over a medium/low heat as you want to brown each side slowly so that the center gets hot- or you could brown each side and finish in the oven. Be careful with these as they could fall apart- if they are very crumbly you can bind the mix with an egg.

I am serving these with a soft poached egg and some brussel sprout slaw- finely slice the raw brussel sprouts, add dried sour cherries and toasted almonds- mix with dressing of your choice- I am using a balsamic honey and mustard dressing.