Mrs Pot & Mr Lid- funny story behind that, when I was growing up (well late twenties) my mum always said to me that every pot has a lid and one day I would find mine…a perfect fit and someone who would complete me, cheesy I know but I did and we got married March this year!!

We love eating out and finding new wines to try, we have also started brewing our own beer, making fruit wines, chutneys and marmalade once the millions of oranges drop off our tree.

I have loved food all my life, the memories it evokes, the way trying something new makes you feel, the smiles on the faces of the people you share it with.

Everything I cook is part of me- I do it because it makes me happy.

This is a diary of places I go, things I make and products I love.

I want to build confidence in those who are scared to experiment in the kitchen, most of my recipes are mere guide lines of flavour combinations with a little help with the method- every recipe can be changed to the way you think it should be- do not be afraid- thats what cooking is all about. Express yourself.


Thank you for reading

Mrs Pot


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